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Russian market of childrens' goods (0-4 years old) under crisis conditions (артикул: 03664 07014)

Дата выхода отчета: 25 Марта 2009
География исследования: Россия
Период исследования:  
Количество страниц: 78
Язык отчета: Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    Main research objectives are:
    1. Environment and economic activity estimation in terms of analysis of business processes occurring on the Russian market of children's goods (0-4 years old) under crisis conditions.
    The research period is 2003-2008.
    2. Revelation of development tendencies of the Russian children's goods market, expediency definition and possibilities of investors penetrate to it in conditions of turbulent market environment.

    The general trends and development forecasts of the Russian market of children's goods (0-4 years old) are considered over near-term outlook.

    Information sources:
    1. Statistical data of Federal State Statistics Service, Ministry for economic development of the Russian Federation, Department of social population protection of Moscow, Government of Leningrad region, forecast figures of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, data of Russian Federal Customs Service.
    2. Companies press releases, branch and expert estimations of mass-media.
    3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency «CredInform North-West».

    Outlook content:
    The given review is dedicated to description of the Russian market of children's goods (0-4 years old) under current crisis conditions. Results of marketing research are depicted in six basic parts.

    Figures of capacity and structure of the Russian market of children's goods (0-4 years old) are presented in the first part.
    Factors stimulating demand for children's clothes, footwear, toys and food are discovered in the second part.
    The third part contains data on support of households with child/children in territory of Russia.
    Organization problem of children’s goods merchandising under crisis is studied in the fourth part.
    Basic development trend of the market in whole and its segments are considered in the fifth part. The economic model of business development under crisis is suggested including strategy of company growth and protection strategy.
    The sixth part contains description of leading trade enterprises of children's goods in Russia.

    General conclusions:
    Now the Russian market of children's goods to be continued to show growth – in 2008 the market volume increased at 33%. Analysts mark essential growth in the market of children's goods in whole during the period 2003-2008. So, annual market turnover increase of children's goods makes by various estimations 15-20% and on some estimations and 20-25%.

    It is necessary to notice that the given market is a specific as demand for children's goods even under crisis will be made by families with children or families planning a child that requires constant replenishment of children's goods stocks or for example, updating of child cloakroom in process of child growing.

    The essential influence will firstly be rendered on market development by political, economic and demographic factors.
    Participants connect further development trends of children's goods market with qualitative goods of average price category.
    Under crisis company will inevitably face necessity of marketing-mix complex revision for purpose of expenses optimization and resources redistribution.

    The brief information on the leading companies of the Russian children’s goods market is presented in the report as well. For more information on other participants see Branch Enterprises Databases and also Companies Directories.
    To check up reliability of any firm and to receive more detailed information on it everyone can address directly in «CredInform North-West» or use on-line at Agency website.

    Having problems with accounts receivable – Agency’s specialists have long-term experience to resolve them.
    To guarantee information resources availability for the purpose of subsequent administrative decisions making, Agency notes that prices are reduced on entire range of completed marketing researches in preceding years within 10%-30%.

  • Подробное оглавление/содержание отчёта

    1. Capacity and structure of the children's goods market 2
    2. Appeal factors of the Russian market of children's goods (0-4 years old) 3
    3. Normative-legal basis in Russia on family support 20
    4. Organization of children’s goods merchandising under crisis 38
    5. Branch development trends of children’s goods market in Russia: 48
     - clothes and footwear 56
     - toys 62
     - food 67
    6. Leading trade enterprises of the children's goods 71


  • Перечень приложений

    1.1. Number of born children detailed by kinds of population in 2003-2008
    1.2. Number of born children and natality in January-November of 2007-2008 detailed on federal districts of Russia
    1.3. Number of born children detailed by sexual character in 2003-2007
    1.4. Distribution of the Russian population detailed on sex and age in a segment of 0-3 years old in 2002 and 2007
    1.5. Population distribution detailed on average income per capita in 2007-2008
    1.6. Population monetary incomes structure in 2007-2008 (detailed on quarters)
    1.7. Population monetary incomes structure in Russia in 2003-2007
    1.8. Average monthly nominal gross payroll of organizations workers detailed on regions of Russia in January-November, 2008
    1.9. Monetary incomes and consumer expenses per capita in September-November, 2008
    1.10. Size of minimum living wage for children in 2008 (I – III quarters)
    1.11. Minimum wage rate in 2000-2009

    2.1. The state support of families with children (federal payments)
    2.2. Sizes of monthly social payments in Leningrad region for 2009
    2.3. Sizes of federal grants and city compensatory payments to families with children in Moscow in 2008-2009
    3.1. Specialized networks of children's goods in a segment before 4 years and older

    4.1. Figures of light industry work by economic activities kinds (innovative variant)
    4.2. Volume of investments for extension and manufacture modernization

    1.1. Turnover of children's goods market in Russia in 2003-2008
    1.2. Structure of the Russian market of children's goods in 2008

    2.1. Distribution of the Russian population detailed on age groups in 0-4 years during 2003-2008 (as of the beginning of year)
    2.2. Comparative analysis of city and agricultural population at the age of 0-4 years in 2003-2007 (as of the beginning of year)
    2.3. Trends of gross payroll of one worker in Russia in 2003-2008
    2.4. Real disposable incomes of population in 2003-2008
    2.5. Child expenses at the age of 0-4 years old in 2003-2008
    2.6. Manufacture of linen for newborns in 2007-2008
    2.7. Manufacture of children's footwear to 24 sizes inclusive in 2007-2008
    2.8. Manufacture of children's bicycles in 2007-2008 (January-July)

    3.1. Annual turnover of children's goods shops in Russia and in some European countries
    3.2. Formats of children's clothes trade

    4.1. Capacity of the Russian market of children's goods in 2009-2012

    1. Example of the brief supplemental information on a company
    2. Analysis of financial figures of a firm "X"
    3. Analysis of foreign trade activities of a firm "X"

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