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REAL ESTATE MARKET MONITORING_ MAY 2012 (артикул: 11899 07014)

0 руб.

Дата выхода отчета: 20 Июня 2012
География исследования:  
Период исследования:  
Количество страниц: 12
Язык отчета: Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    The monitoring highlights the results of the residential and commercial real estate markets development in Moscow and the Moscow region in May 2012.
    The supply volume in the elite primary market gained 19% by the results of May 2012 and amounted to 1, 450 elite apartments (258 thous.sq.m.). Such a considerable growth took place due to the increase of the residential primary market. In May 2012, the sales were opened in a new RC “Barrin House”. Besides, it was reported about Altimus development company’s plans on the reconstruction of a club house in 12 Ostozhenka street. A negative dynamics of average dollar prices was observed in the past month: the decline posted 2-5%. The main reason was the weakening of the ruble rate. The average prices in rubles grew, on the contrary, which was caused both by the change of the supply structure and the growth of prices for some properties, and by the fact that the prices for some properties were recorded in dollars.
    The business activity in the office real estate market of the Moscow region was preserved at a high level in may 2012: quite a large number of lease transactions were concluded (see Spreadsheet), two of them – the largest since the beginning of the year: the lease of 17, 000 sq.m. in BC “Myakinino” (the tenant is the large distributor of household appliances) and the lease of 16, 000 sq.m. in BC “Alkon” (the tenant is GC Novatek).
    It was reported in May 2012 about the implementation of two projects: a business center with the total area of 41.3 thous.sq.m. with underground and surface parking will appear at the place of a long-delayed construction site in Kashirskoe highway, bld.63; after reconsideration of investment contract MR Group company will implement a MFC, which will include 88 thous.sq.m. of office areas, as well as apartments, a hotel and a parking at the place of industrial zone in Fili (6 ha in Beregovoy pr.), instead of planned earlier office center measuring 378 thous.sq.m.
    Two new hotel projects were announced in the hotel market of Moscow in May: the hotel in the structure of a recreational zone in Mnevniki bottom land (the tender of the territory development projects is planned), as well as the hotel in the structure of MFC in Beregovoy pr., MR Group will be the developer of this project. Another event of May was the opening in St.-Petersburg of a hotel under the new for the Russian market brand Domina Prestige. The company plans to increase the number of hotels of the chain in Russia up to 6 in the nearest years (the properties are planned for opening in such cities as Novosibirsk, Lipetsk, Kaliningrad, Tumen and Tomsk (the construction began in May 2012)).
    One of landmark events of the end of April – the beginning of May in the professional retail real estate market was the technical opening of a retail-entertainment center OZ Mall in Krasnodar. The developer of REC measuring 227, 000 sq.m. (the rentable area – 164, 000 sq.m.) is AIM Property Development company. The portfolio of international brands, presented in Russia, was enlarged by Hamleys (UK, toys), Scotch&Soda (Netherlands, clothes and accessories of middle+ segment) and Bath&Body Works (USA, body care goods). M&S Simply Food (Marks&Spencer product brand), Michael Kors (clothes and accessories), as well as Irish chain of pubs Benningans announced their plans to enter the Russian market in the short term.
    Active delivery of new settlements continued in the countryside residential real estate market of the Moscow region: the sales were opened in four new projects for the past period. The main products in the new supply delivered to the market since the beginning of the year are still land plots without building contracts and townhouses.
    A positive event for the countryside residential real estate market was the receipt of a prestigious award FIABCI Prix d’Excellence in the field of residential real estate by the elite settlement Millennium Park, which became the silver winner and the first in Russia project of the best residential complexes in the world.
    The price situation in the countryside residential real estate market does not undergo serious changes. The demand for countryside households is still concentrated in the most affordable budget groups, at the same time the trend is characteristic of all the segments. In the segment of high-budget countryside real estate the most sought after properties are still ready households at the price of up to $1.5 mln. – more than 50% of all the incoming to Blackwood company requests in May. But this segment hardly increases by new supply.

  • Подробное оглавление/содержание отчёта


    1. Residential real estate…………………………………………………..…. 3
    2. Office real estate ……………………………………….……….…. 5
    3. Retail real estate …………………………………………………... 7
    4. Hotel real estate ………..…………………………….…….… 9
    5. Countryside real estate …………………………………………….... 11

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Рынок недвижимости Москвы и Московской области. Новостройки: итоги 2014 г., прогноз до 2017 г.

Регион: Россия

Дата выхода: 20.10.15

67 500
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90 000
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    Содержание Введение 1. Апартаменты. Общая характеристика. История появления сегмента 2. Апартаменты в аренду 2.1. Городской формат 2.1. Загородный формат 3. Апартаменты на продажу 3.1. Структура апартаментного фонда 3.2. Предложение 3.3. Цены 3.4. Машиноместа 3.5. Темпы продаж. Факторы успешности проектов 3.6. Анализ спроса, анализ потребительских предпочтений 3.7. Возможности кредитования апартаментов 3.8. Сервисное обслуживание 3.9. Апартаментные комплексы Московской области 4. Тенденции и прогноз развития рынка. Планируемые объекты с апартаментами Приложение. Паспорта комплексов с апартаментами на продажу, представленных на рынке Москвы Профиль BLACKWOOD Компания BLACKWOOD работает на рынке недвижимости с 1991 г. Международные стандарты качества оказания услуг и принципы западного менеджмента, заложенные в основу деятельности компании с момента основания, позволили сформировать одну из лучших на рынке команду специалистов в области недвижимости, а также заслужить уважение клиентов и профессиональных участников рынка. На сегодняшний день компания BLACKWOOD является одним из лидеров на рынке консалтинговых и брокерских услуг в сфере жилой и коммерческой недвижимости. Компания также реализует собственные инвестиционные и девелоперские проекты.
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